A huge part of what makes a healthcare hackathon successful is having amazing mentors to help teams--from our personal experience, diverse mentorship substantially increase the quality of the solutions generated from the event. We thank you in advance for offering to share your time and valuable expertise with us and our participants!


As an overview, your role as a mentor will be to provide clinical, business, and/or technical advice to the teams. Does the team understand their problem, and is their pitch compelling? Does their solution make sense for doctors? For patients? For the payer? We encourage you to meet as many teams as you are interested in working with, and we will direct you to specific teams if they’ve asked for advice around your expertise.

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The hackathon runs from Friday 1/19 - Sunday 1/21. In addition to the time slots below, mentors are encouraged to participate and observe as much as they'd like.
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Questions? Email us at yalehackhealth@gmail.com.